Antique, Classic, Exotic Car Insurance

Antique, Classic, Exotic Car Insurance

We are collector car lovers and specialty coverage experts... so it all adds up when you write collector vehicle with us .

  • Our specialty coverage experts really know collector cars, such as the difference between a "professionally restored original," an "un-restored original" and a "driver" car.
  • At David E. Zeller Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand the collector car lifestyle and speak the language. We tailor our policies to provide the level of protection collector car customers want for their prized possessions. This includes Agreed Value, which differs from Actual Cash Value and Stated Value. For Agreed Value, we work with the customer to determine how much his vehicle is worth and insure it for that amount, guaranteed, regardless of market fluctuations.
  • If you, the customer, ever needs to file a claim, you will be assisted by a knowledgeable "car guy" adjuster. Besides being passionate collector car enthusiasts, the company adjusters go through a rigorous hands-on collector car claims training. Plus, they can help the customer find a repair shop with the right expertise for the make and model of the vehicle. So it is no wonder that our collector vehicle customers are impressed with the knowledge of the company adjusters. 
  • One of the many Coverages we offer:

    Roadside assistance for your classic car
        Hagerty Plus is a guaranteed flatbed towing and roadside assistance program specifically designed for classic cars. Click here to learn more.

When you consider our specialty underwriting know-how, superior coverages and claims expertise, it all adds up to a lot of sound reasons to choose one of our collector vehicle programs.

For additional information and materials on our collector vehicle program just send us a request.